First 50 clients get 10 Sessions for $100

   It's never to late to take care of your body. Now is the best time to start a lifestyle change towards a new you. Diets are temporary and fads don't last , but a lifestyle change is forever!! 

  FIT Bodywrap┬« is the proven industry standard infrared heat bodywrap system that has helped thousands of people just like you lose weight, detoxify and relieve pain.   There are hundreds of Certified FIT Bodywrap┬« Providers nationwide, including Spas, Tanning Salons, Wellness Centers, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Medical Centers.  FIT Bodywrap┬« sessions are economical, private and effortless.  You can find nearby Certified Provider locations by searching our directory on the home page.

Here are just some of the results reported by providers and clients:

   *Weight loss
   *Pain relief
   *Range of motion improvement
   *Cardiovascular conditioning without joint stress
   *Anti-aging effects on skin
   *Cellulite reduction
   *Lowering elevated blood pressure